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Dec 30 2016 Published by under podcast

First let me warn you there’s a little bit of rough audio tape here. (The first minute, but it’s worth it.) In this episode I check in after the first town on the tour and things are off to a rough start. Then one morning I make an interesting discovery¬†out on the circus lot.

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Update – Day Five

Dec 24 2016 Published by under podcast

I’m out here taking a walk. It’s six in the morning. No one else is awake.

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I’m Late

Dec 13 2016 Published by under podcast

Rainbow over big top

Rainbow over Chapiteau

It doesn’t feel great being an entire day late for work. But here’s a rainbow to cheer you up. How about a walk around the circus lot?

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Back in the circus

Dec 06 2016 Published by under podcast

This is the first episode in the 2016 season. Looks like I’ll be going back out on the road again.

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